Casa Babilon – Electropical Extravaganza

+ Kuenta I Tambu (KiT) + Booze'Em + Frenquency + Kako da Ne

ma 27 mei

Casa Babilon is back with a fun-geance!

Back with a fun-geance! The electropical collab between Kako Da Ne, Frenquency and Jasper van den Boezem to shake your booties, my dears. And Zappa would have loved this one…

Live: Kuenta I Tambu Inspired by traditional afro Caribbean Music from Curaçao and European dance, Kuenta I Tambu has created a brand new sound! They cleverly found a balance between electronic sound samples, singing and chanting and the infectious rhythms played by ritual Tambú drums. Some call it global bass, others prefer labeling it Tambutronic but one thing is for sure: KiT is a wild and colorful explosion of energy! 

Residents: BOOZE.EM: Booze.em is one of the guys behind ‘Safari in het Bos’. Wrecking dancefloors with the most abandoned eclectic bass orientated tropical music, Booz.em adores pitched up vocals, ghetto basslines & up tempo rhythms.  

FRENQUENCY: Homegrown producer of Bass Music | Juke | Footwork | Future Beats | 808s. His hybrid livesets and releases are focused on the dancefloor. Frenquency released EP’s on Basserk Records, toured internationally and likes remixing. His latest release, on Saturate Records, caused quite some stir. 

KAKO DA NE: Your favorite frente fiestero internacional love spinning their global bangers! Nu cumbia, dub, electropical, reggae, zouk bass, baile funk. Whatever. Music to make your hips shake, your head toll, and your feet move. Kako Da Ne: Saving the world from bad music by playing the good!