+ Legowelt + Zohar + Celestial Terrestrial

vr 19 apr 19

Electronicalegende van eigen bodem maakt Cultfarm comeback.

bonafide electronic wizard Legowelt is making his Cultfarm comeback.

one of key figures in Dutch dance history, Intergalactic FM head and certified synth addict Danny Wolfers a.k.a. Legowelt remains cream of the crop. embraced by West Coast labels such as Clone, L.I.E.S. and Bunker – his evocative machine-driven house, techno and electro spark cinematic experiences on the dancefloor. with a love for the cheeky aspects of life, his music and output always have a good dose of fun attached to them. a generous mad hatter, his cultwebsite has been a data source which fuels and inspires a whole new generation of producers. on to the future!⇢ https://soundcloud.com/legowelt-official

the elusive Zohar is on the rise with recent stunning performances at Rinse FM, De School and Dogma. previously making waves in other strains of dance, the tides are turning and the musical monsoon looks more dangerous than ever. known for her merciless industrial energy, we cannot wait to hear her set at dear EKKO.
⇢ https://soundcloud.com/zohar01

opening the night will be long-time Cultfarm resident Celestial Terrestrial sending you to the moon and back.
⇢ https://soundcloud.com/celestial-terrestrial

pre-party/expo at Kapitaal.

෴ you’re invited, please dance odd ෴

23:00 — 05:00

18+ / pin only

design by Jules Janssen