+ ARK alleluyark + Larry de Kat + Anil Aras + Krul & Brul

vr 3 okt 14

Grooveroots met o.a. Ark en Larry de Kat

Everybody get on the discobus!

Next stop: Freekydeeky minimalistic house funk with the one and only Guillaume Berroyer aka Unknown mysterioso aka ARK! Praised by many across the world for his prolific output on labels such as Brif, Perlon, Karat and Circus Company, his sound is easily recognised by his typical shuffled &nd buffered drumgrooves layered with all kinds of weird samples stretching from short vocal snippets to guitars and why not, the Swanlake(?) by Tchaikovsky! (check: Ark – Elephant hunting if you don’t believe us) 

We can guarantee that the wibbly wonky housecutz and snappy drumgrooves will keep you locked in the groove and movin’ all night loooooong…

Expect a crazy showdown as monsieur Berroyer is probably one of the most unique (or should we just say: crrrrazy in the coconut) figures in dance, this time supported by your local loco’s, the men of Grooveroots!

For the 2nd edition of our Grooveroots party we will transform the EKKO into a crazy jungle with stuffed animals, greeneries and many many more šŸ˜‰ 

..Les go deep on the 3rd of october!

ARK alleluyark (FR, Karat)
Larry de Kat
Anil Aras
Krul & Brul