NYE 3019: Another Party Another Universe

ma 31 dec 18

Our new year's party from the future. We welcome you to the year 3019!

Hello Human, how are you doing? You seem like a dream from a distant past, but nonetheless, you’re looking great. We welcome you to the year 3019! *laser shot* 

During this night, you will experience 3019: Another Party Another Universe. Droids will be dancing to music, Ms. Blockchain is screamin’ ‘UNLEASH THA CHAIN!!’ and you’ll celebrate the new year whilst sipping on some antique wine, a long forgotten brand from a long forgotten land. What else is new now machines do all the work? Let’s party from 0:30!

This year Utrecht is the cultural capital of the Local Group, so we payed off the commissioner with some crypto-euro’s to look the other way. In spite of legislations, there will be unlimited moonshine included in your ticket price and a dedicated smoking area. 

As a special appearance, we have invited the only remaining vegetable of our worldly crop: Mr. Potato Ed Night will play some proper music during the night. Other names on the bill are already invited, but being light years apart we will have to wait on confirmation. Please expect electronics, lasers, tweaks, freaks and geeks. Security will be done by hardwear angels, you’re expected to leave your rayguns at the door. If you make sure your costume is 3019 proof, you may keep your clothes on. 

The Local Group, the Union States of Europe, Randstad, EKKO, 3019: another party another universe!

These sparkly shining record-transmittors will be joining our crew to take you in our time machine tonight. Destination: future. On our way we pass: bangers, broken beats, pulsing synths, stroboscopes, lightspeed house, electrifying pop and blasts from the past.

00:30 Ed Night [italo & spacedisco]
02:00 Nimbus 3000 [live]
02:30 Menno de Meester [retro hits from the year 2018]
04:00 NΔLΔ [future beats & hiphop]