EKKO is constantly hiring devoted volunteers to help out in our kitchen, to tend bar, to assist with lighting and to do promotions. 

Have you always wondered what it’s like to work at a pop venue? Do you want to be part of a cool team and are you willing to develop some new and existing skills? Come volunteer at EKKO!

We treat you right
As a volunteer/member of the EKKO staff, you’ll get a business card, with which you can (almost) unlimitedly visit our shows and club nights. Next to that you can put one of your friends on the guest list - even twice a month! EKKO also hosts nice, casual volunteers’ parties during the year, and we work at different festivals during the season. Do you want to improve yourself? Would you like to meet other musically-minded people, and work with them at one of the coolest pop venues in Utrecht? Our doors are always open for you.

Lighting technicians / ELTs
We’re looking for volunteers with not only a passion for music, but also a passion for light. We’re going to train you in how to become a lighting technician so you can create your own stage sets during club nights, shows and other activities. Interested? Please send an email to bouke@ekko.nl and we’ll contact you in short notice.

Bar crew
EKKO is always looking for volunteers who can join our bar team! As a voluntary bartender you’re going to work three shifts a month, of which two evening shifts and one night shift. No experience in bartending? No problem! We’re gonna provide you with a bartender training, so you don’t have to start from scratch during your shifts. You can apply by sending an email to maan@ekko.nl or by calling this number: 030 231 7457. Be sure to ask for Maan!

Eatery EKKO is hiring from september 2018! We’re looking for volunteers who want to work at least three shifts per month in our restaurant crew. Is vegetarian food your cup of tea? Do you want to create or put together the meals we serve? Don’t hesitate to send an email to maan@ekko.nl, or to ring us up at 030 231 7457 (ask for Maan!).

Promo team
To spread our monthly promotional outings, posters and flyers through Utrecht, we’re looking for volunteers to join our promotional crew. During this city lap you’ll visit other (pop) venues, cafes and shops. This is where you stick our poster to the wall and spread flyers. Do you want to help promoting EKKO by making a promotional lap through the city twice a month? Then you are what we’re looking for! Send an email to rick@ekko.nl of call us at 030 231 7457. Ask for Rick!

We want to maintain our memories of performances and club nights at EKKO. That’s where photographers can help us out, and we’re always looking for skilled photographing music lovers to join our voluntary photographer crew! The only requirement is shooting two shows a month for us. If you don’t have (a lot of) experience in photography, we’ll offer you a chance to work on your portfolio. If you and your camera want to join us: send an email to rick@ekko.nl of call us at 030 231 7457 (ask for Rick), so we can welcome you to our club of photographers soonly!

Did we spark your enthusiasm? Please send us an email (maan@ekko.nl) or ring us up (030 23 17 457).

EKKO Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3 3513 BH Utrecht
T: 030 231 7457 E: