Join the club

Meeting new people? Gaining experience in the music industry? Attending concerts and club nights for free? Become a volunteer at EKKO. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Our employees

EKKO is being led by a big group of employees (on a day-to-day basis), of which a significant part is working on a voluntary basis. Our volunteers provide input to EKKO’s identity and image bottom-up on a social, cultural and professional level. Their input is most visible for our visitors: they spread posters through Utrecht, tap beers behind the bar, take photos of artists and audiences, prepare food together with a chef, support artists during the day of their show and operate sound and lights.

EKKO strives to be a socially safe space for development for everyone who holds ambitions in the musical landscape and/or the overall cultural field. We stimulate experiencing a cultural venue in a professional way and motivate our volunteers and other crew to pass this experience on to fresh talent. In this light we also offer custom assistantships to gain specific working experience. A lot of former EKKO employees continue their career within our own organization, or continue working in the cultural field.