Looking for hall rental in Utrecht? EKKO is perfectly suited for parties, drinks, marriage parties, meeting and workshops.

Read more about rental in EKKO here, or fill in our rental form right away.

We’re also offering long-term, privately rented working spaces in EKKO. At this time, we don’t have any vacant working spaces.

Here you can take a look at the working spaces we have to offer, and read more about everything that is included in the rental price.


Our Building


The way EKKO is designed makes it possible to host small and big parties. Our cafe is well suited for (business) meetings, dinners and drinks. Our concert room is aptly suited for parties, workshops and presentations.

With bigger (marriage) parties, our cafe and music room can be used both, which creates space for a party of 300.

For smaller parties, it’s possible to rent only our music room (max. 175 people) or our cafe seperately (max. 100 people).

The possibilities for renting spaces at EKKO are ample, but it’s not possible to rent on thursdays, fridays and saturdays after 11 pm. At these hours, our regular club nights take place. 


EKKO provides full catering at your event or gathering, at request. We’re offering lunch or brunch options, but also complete multi-course dinners. Buffets and snacks are also among the possibilities. Ask our employee specialized in rental for all possibilities.


EKKO has a fully equipped bar of which the assortment can be customized to your demands. Our professional and skilled bar crew will be at your service during your event.

Dressing Room

EKKO houses a renovated and refurbished dressing room, including comfortable furniture and a fridge. For artists, we also provide extensive catering options.

Technical options

An extensive technical overview of all facilities in EKKO can be found here.

Rental form

Our rental form can be found here. Please fill in this form completely. After that, we can fully chart your wishes and demands, and we will get in touch with you soon.