Our rules

By entering EKKO, or buying a ticket for an EKKO event, you’re automatically agreeing to our house rules. If you are visiting EKKO, we also ask you to adhere to our code of conduct. You can find it here.

1. General

  • EKKO can ask you for a valid ID. Always bring your ID when visiting EKKO.
  • By entering EKKO, you’re agreeing on the possibility of being searched. If you’re rejecting this, you’re risking denied entrance.
  • When leaving EKKO, we ask visitors to leave quietly and not hang around in front of the door, in order to allow our neighbors to get their rest. EKKO is located in a special place in the city, and that also means that we have to take our surroundings into account. So be kind to EKKO and be kind to the neighborhood.
  • For your and our safety, EKKO uses security cameras that are making tape recordings on a continuous base. Everyone who visits EKKO, agrees that they will be recorded by security cameras. In case of calamities, these recordings can be used as supporting evidence to third parties.
  • For safety measures, we can ask you to open your bag(s) for them to be searched. 
  • We don’t serve alcohol to visitors under 18.
  • After 11 pm, EKKO is forbidden for visitors under 18, unless stated otherwise.
  • It’s not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to EKKO.
  • At all times, follow the house rules and the instructions of our crew. It’s required for your own safety, and that of others. 
  • Are you experiencing nuisance or harassment by other visitors? Please report this to our staff at the bar, ticket office or security.
  • If you’re in possession of tickets for one of our events, our doors are open until one hour before the end time of the event. If you arrive past this closing time, we cannot guarantee you access to EKKO, and we won’t be providing any refunds.
  • EKKO can decide on whether to record video and audio footage of any event hosted at EKKO, and any of its visitors. These recordings can be made publicly available and can also be distributed widely. If you’re visiting EKKO, you’re unconditionally agreeing on this footage being recorded and its commercial use, without EKKO or any third parties owing you any compensation
  • When you purchase tickets for an event at EKKO, you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions for visitors, drawn up by the VNPF Branch Organisation.

2. Rules

  • It is not allowed to bring weapons or other dangerous/sharp objects to EKKO.
  • There’s no place for aggression, harassment and other unpleasant behavior at EKKO. These actions will not be tolerated. Whoever disobeys this rule, will risk expansion.
  • Racist, sexist, insulting and discriminating expressions, in whatever form, will not be tolerated at EKKO.
  • We’re careful with our premises, and we’re asking you to be too. Don’t create havoc and don’t encourage others to destruct. This also includes unwanted posting of bills, stickers or putting graffiti on walls or surfaces.

3. Drugs

  • Using hard drugs in EKKO is strictly forbidden.
  • Dealing soft and hard drugs in and around EKKO is strictly forbidden as well.
  • Anyone who is clearly intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, can be denied entry and/or removed from EKKO’s premises.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside, in a designated space in front of EKKO. Smoking elsewhere on the street or inside is not allowed. The same goes for vapes or other type of e-cigarettes. Follow the instructions of our crew regarding smoking outside, and wait inside in our corridor if the outside smoking area is fully occupied.

4. Consequences

  • If a visitor doesn’t live up to our house rules, EKKO holds the right to remove the visitor from the premises, or to deny them entry to EKKO (for a certain amount of time).
  • If EKKO is vandalized by a visitor, EKKO is entitled to appropriate compensation for damage or other costs incurred.