EKKO strives to be as accessible as possible to everyone. Since we’re situated in a narrow canal house with a rich history, some hard to eliminate hurdle remain inevitable. This doesn’t make EKKO accessible to anyone who wants to visit us. If you have questions about accessibility or want to make a specific request regarding accessibility: please send an e-mail to Bouke Bloemen via bouke@ekko.nl. In case of a special request, it’s important and desirable that this request is sent to us at least 3 days in advance of your possible visit to EKKO. This to help as good as possible and to guarantee you a sufficient response.

Questions about accessibility of a concert on an external location can also be sent to bouke@ekko.nl.

Information about our building concerning accessibility

EKKO is located in a national monument on the monumental Weerdsluis in the city center of Utrecht. This poses some challenges in terms of accessibility and physical accessibility of EKKO. The Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde has no sidewalk, and the street slopes towards the water, making it impossible to have a wheelchair-friendly entrance to the elevated threshold of the building. We are happy to address this for you with a modular ramp that we will have ready for you. Also, the monumental corridor is too narrow for more modern electric wheelchairs; EKKO is investigating whether this can be adjusted in the coming year. We are happy to assist visitors with a wheelchair wherever possible, such as storing your coat or bag or providing a drink, to ensure a pleasant visit for visitors with physical limitations.

When inside, our main room is easily accessible because it is situated on the main floor and has hard standing. The narrowest way in the direction of the main room is 70 centimetres wide, and for wheelchairs with a small turning radius (most manual wheelchairs have this radius) 85 centimetres.

Are you not able to stand or do you want to bring a trained service dog? Send us an email at bouke@ekko.nl.


EKKO is situated in the centre of Utrecht, in the Pijlsweerd district. EKKO is easily accessible by car, bike or public transport.

EKKO is located in parking zone A2, which means paid parking is in effect in this district. Car park Paardenveld (850m distance from EKKO) can also be found in this area. For more information about parking in Utrecht’s city centre, check out https://www.utrecht.nl/wonen-en-leven/parkeren/. For parking rates and opening hours of car park Paardenveld, check www.paardenveld.nl

Public transport
EKKO is easily accessible by bus. Bus stops Oudenoord (buses 3, 6 and 7) and Adelaarstraat (bus 1) are the closest ones to EKKO (3-5 mins walking distance). For the most recent bus times, you can visit www.9292ov.nl.

Taxis and Ubers can stop in front of our main entrance. Make sure to cite this address as your destination: Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde 3, Utrecht.

Website accessibility

For people who would like to visit our website in a calmer view, this is easy to set up on desktop, laptop and your phone. This goes as follows:

1. Settings
2. General
3. Accessibility
4. Reduce motion

1. Settings
2. Accessibility
3. Motion
4. Turn on reduce motion

1. Go to settings
2. Select accessibility
3. Select display
4. Check the box ‘reduce motion’

1. Go to settings
2. Select accessibility
3. Go to display
4. Click the toggle switch under show animations to turn animated visual effects off