• I lost or forgot something in EKKO. What do I do now? <---->

    Oof, that’s a pity. We hope it ended up in our lost & found. Send an email to lostandfound@ekko.nl, then we will answer you within 7 days. Hopefully we can reunite the two of you soon.

  • Is there a space to store my jackets and valuables? Do you have lockers or a cloakroom? <---->

    We sure do. There’s lockers on our first floor. They are card only.

    You can choose between three sizes: small, medium or large. A backpack usually fits in a big locker, but we advise you not to bring too much stuff. The biggest locker is 46 x 48 x 25. Storing bigger items unfortunately is not possible.

    Locker prices:
    Small € 2
    Medium € 3
    Large €4

  • Can I pay by card in EKKO? Can I pay by creditcard in EKKO? Can I pay by cash in EKKO? <---->

    EKKO is card only. You cannot pay with cash. Our pin device also works with most credit cards.
    NB: Merchandise is often cash only. If you are planning on buying an artist’s merchandise, please bring cash. There is no cash in our venue, so it is not possible to get extra cash at our pay desk.

  • Can I get earplugs in EKKO? <---->

    We advise you to bring our own hearing protection as that is more sustainable. However, we also sell earplugs for single use at the bar.

  • Can I work at EKKO? <---->

    Maybe you can! We are often looking for new members to our team. A big part of our staff exists of volunteers. Do you want to know more about volunteering at EKKO? Click here. Are you curious to see our open vacancies? You can find them here.


  • Does EKKO have a minimum age? <---->

    For concerts there is no minimum age. For club nights (after 23:00h) the minimum age is 18. Our doorman/-woman will check your ID at the entrance.

  • For whom is EKKO accessible? <---->

    We attempt to make EKKO accessible for everyone. Our venue unfortunately has a few deficiencies, which does not make EKKO well accessible for wheelchairs. Do you want to come to EKKO with a wheelchair? Is it not possible for you to stand for a whole concert? Do you want to take a trained assistance dog? Send an email to rik@ekko.nl and we will make sure your visit to EKKO will go smoothly.

  • Are there seats in the concert room? <---->

    Normally, no. However, if you’re not available to stand for the full concert, send an email to rik@ekko.nl. We will make sure there is a seat with a good view.

  • Is EKKO wheelchair friendly? <---->

    Yes and no. Our venue has a few shortcomings, which unfortunately makes EKKO not as wheelchair friendly as we’d like it to be.

    However, we will do everything to make sure you are able to visit one of our concerts or club nights. We can install a driving plate on our doorstep so you can enter our building safely. Our lockers are on the first floor (without an elevator), but our colleagues are happy to help you with storing your jackets and bags. Our concert room is easily accessible because of its floor-level location and hard surface. The narrowest passage to our concert room is 0.7m, for wheelchairs with a small turning radius it is 0.85m. Unfortunately our toilets are not accessible for wheelchairs.

    Are you unsure whether your (potential) visit to EKKO is possible? Please send Rik de Graaf (rik@ekko.nl) an email at least 3 days beforehand and we will do anything to make sure you can visit EKKO.

  • Can I smoke in EKKO? <---->

    No. Since April 2020, smoking areas have been prohibited in The Netherlands. There is limited space outside to smoke, on the stairs facing the water, on the opposite site of the street. When it’s busy inside, there is a possibility you have to wait for a smoking spot.


  • How do I get to EKKO? <---->

    Our address is Bemuurde Weerd WZ3, in the city centre of Utrecht. It is easy to commute to EKKO by public transport or with your own transport. We advise you to use public transport, or come by foot or bike: that is more sustainable and, most of all, easier than coming by car, because of our central location.

  • How do I travel to EKKO by public transport? <---->

    From Utrecht Central is it a 11 minute walk or a 5 minute cycle to EKKO. The closest bus stops are Oudenoord and Adelaarstraat. You can find the most actual travel information on 9292.nl

  • Can I park my car near EKKO? <---->

    EKKO is located in parking zone A2, which means paid parking is in effect in this district. Car park Paardenveld (850m distance from EKKO) can also be found in this area. For more information about parking in Utrecht’s city centre, check out https://www.utrecht.nl/wonen-en-leven/parkeren/. For parking rates and opening hours of car park Paardenveld, check www.paardenveld.nl.

  • Can I come to EKKO with a taxi? <---->

    Taxis and Ubers can stop in front of our main entrance. Make sure to cite this address as your destination: Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde 3, Utrecht.


  • How can I buy a ticket for a concert or club night in EKKO? <---->

    Tickets for (almost all) EKKO events are sold in several ways:

    • Through the ticket links on our own website and in our own Facebook events;
    • At the cash desk of EKKO, which is only open during concerts.

    Are you buying a ticket through an alternative channel than any of the ones stated above? Then you take the risk of buying invalid tickets for a high price. Also for Ticketswap, we can never 100% guarantee validity of your ticket.

  • Can I still buy a ticket at the door? <---->

    Yes. If you want to be sure of a ticket, we advise you to buy one in presale. However, if a concert or club night is not sold out, you can buy tickets at the door.

  • I lost my ticket. What do I do now? <---->

    First check if you used the correct email address, check your spambox and search your mailbox for ‘Stager’ or ‘EKKO’. Are you sure you already bought tickets in presale? If so, you can use the Stager website to request your tickets again. Stager will then resend your order to your email.
    Any other questions? Please contact us via info@ekko.nl

  • I bought a ticket for a concert or club night, but I am not able to come anymore. Can I cancel my tickets? <---->

    No, it is not possible to cancel your ticket. We advise you to make someone else happy with it, or to sell it through a platform like Ticketswap.

  • Can I show my ticket on my phone? <---->

    Yes, you can either print your ticket or show it on your smartphone or tablet at the entrance. You can also save your ticket in the digital wallet of your phone.

  • The concert or club night I want to go to is sold out. What do I do now? <---->

    Bummer! Nothing to do about it, unfortunately. We do not advise you to buy tickets from strangers or third parties. Want to give it a shot anyway? Please inform yourself of the risks.

  • The event that I bought a ticket for has been moved to a different date. What do I do now? <---->

    The tickets that you bought will remain valid for the replacement date. If you are not available then, you can cancel your ticket up until 24 hours before the original date by sending an e-mail to info@ekko.nl.

  • The event that I bought a ticket for is cancelled. What happens now? <---->

    If an event is cancelled, ticket buyers will automatically get a refund through the same method as the original transaction of the ticket. Cancellations do not include the service and transaction costs.

  • Can I use my U-pas to attend a program at EKKO? <---->

    Absolutely! You can use the credit on your U-pas to attend concerts and club nights at EKKO. On the evening of the program, you can come by and get access by showing your card. Please note that it is not possible to use your U-pas for sold-out programs, so be sure to check in advance if your chosen concert or club night is not sold out. Furthermore, it’s first-come, first-served, so make sure to arrive early as we have limited capacity.

Shows / Club nights

  • What time does the concert/club night start? <---->

    This depends on the event. If you bought a ticket during presale, you will get a service email including set times (doors open, support, main act, end). You can also find this information on our website and in the Facebook event of that specific event.

  • Wanneer gaan de deuren open? <---->

    If you bought a ticket during presale, you will get a service email including set times (doors open, support, main act, end). You can also find this information on our website and in the Facebook event of that specific event.

  • At what time do your doors close? <---->

    Generally we close the doors one hour before the ending time of the event. If you bought tickets during presale, they will be valid until then. If you get in later, we cannot ensure entrance and will also not refund your ticket.

EKKO for rent

  • Can I organise my own event in EKKO? <---->

    You sure can. EKKO is very suitable for hosting parties, having drinks, celebrating your wedding or birthday, hosting meetings and organising workshops. On this page you can find more about our rental possibilities. You can also directly fill in our rental form.