EKKO resonates

During fall 2022, we revealed our new look and feel to the public, in collaboration with strategic design agency LAVA.

Since EKKO’s foundation in 1986, we stand for thinking differently, thinking along, exploring music and what’s beyond, talent development frontstage and backstage, and – above all – providing a space to various small communities existing within the city of Utrecht. We are a venue in which visitors can feel at home and feel surprised at once. With our new design, we want to radiate this feeling and energy.


EKKO strives to be a musical friend that inspires its social circle with new recommendations and sonic adventures. With our brand-new look and feel we want to resonate either within the city and beyond its boundaries, amongst everyone who makes EKKO for what it is today: attendants, employees, artists, partners, new faces, familiar friends and old-timers.

Maybe this time the artist will catch your eye and ear. Or the atmosphere of the room. Maybe the design of the poster, or the words that describe the music on our website. What will resonate, will remain in your mind: we like to let our vibrations resonate freely, and see what happens when they do.