Noori & His Dorpa Band & Kush Band

+ DJ Austin-J

Sat 6 May 23
For fans of
Ali Farka Touré, Orchestre Baobab, Amadou & Mariam
Incl. service costs
Presented by
African Grooves

Special double bill from bands with a Sudanese background

Under the name African Grooves we present the coming together of Noori & His Dorpa Band, a Sudanese act who performed at Le Guess Who? and Kush Band, a collective based in Utrecht with a number of band members from the same country.

Noori & His Dorpa Band
The Sudanese Noori was eighteen when he invented the tambo guitar, a hybrid and unique combination of an electric guitar and a tambour (a type of lyre, also known as the krar). Since then, his mission has been to keep alive and spread the suppressed Beja culture from his homeland through his music. Noori and his band had to flee their country for safety reasons, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to release more music. In 2021 they signed with the record label Ostinato Records, which led to their first international release ‘Beja Power!’. Last year at Le Guess Who?, now they come to EKKO with electronic influences and brass-driven ensembles.

Kush Band
Kush Band, a band based in Utrecht, creates their own attractive and powerful music style. The grooves of reggae, Sufi music and desert rock can be heard in their music, enhanced by jazz and blues characteristics. Band leader Mo Ahmed (vocals and percussion) took the traditional Sudanese rhythms and song structures to the Netherlands to express them here. Their music celebrates diversity and expresses the desire for peace, equality, freedom and love.

+ support by DJ AUSTIN-J

19:30 – Doors + DJ Austin-J
20:00 – Noori & His Dorpa Band
21:15 – Kush Band

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