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Thu 11 Jul
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Mix of pop, hip-hop, and Krügerslap by Utrecht electro trio

Baukraft, the three-member formation from Utrecht, presents you with electronic tracks that reveal the banality of life. With influences from pop, hip-hop, and Krügerslap, Baukraft creates a complete musical experience. Sam and Jorik began their musical collaboration in 2015, but the true birth of Baukraft occurred in 2019 when Brian joined the band. As the technical and creative mastermind, he elevated Baukraft to a higher level. From that moment on, songs were created at a rapid pace, resulting in more than 15 tracks and seven music videos. Highlights like ‘Wiskunde’, ‘Kibbeling’, and of course ‘Uuuuuuu’, an ode to our own city, Utrecht, have put Baukraft on the map. Now the time has come: Baukraft is releasing an album! A collection of new tracks that delve even deeper into the emptiness of life.

Request from the band: wear your most outrageous 80s sports outfit.

Support: BoterBoter
BoterBoter is Utrecht’s own synth singer-songwriter: Dutch-language electropunk drenched in absurdism and poetry. BoterBoter takes a greedy gulp of our strange existence and then showcases his improvement system. There, we observe: 1. How one can seize the day with exuberance 2. The destruction this exuberance can bring 3. How absurdism can make the insolubility of our existence manageable and palatable. BoterBoter’s lyrics fluctuate between thoughtful and whimsical, his beats are electronic and unpolished. His music makes you laugh, frown, dance, and seek cover. It’s a laugh, a tear, and a bucket of Vaseline.

Concert-dj: Das Bob

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