Beige Banquet

+ Warm Exit

Wed 3 Apr
For fans of
Squid, Crack Cloud, Bodega
incl. service fee

London-based band delivers a hectic and dynamic sound with abrasive guitars

Named after the equivalent of the Dutch ‘brown Snack platter,’ Beige Banquet creates energetic songs following a post-punk recipe. Supported by a propulsive and motoric rhythm section, the London-based band combines rhythmic vocals with industrial and abrasive guitars to create a hectic and dynamic sound. Originating as a bedroom project by frontman Tom Brierley, it has since evolved into the five-piece live machine that we now know. With their unmistakable energy, they have already performed at festivals such as End of the Road, Left Of The Dial, Into the Great Wide Open, and Misty Fields, and soon they will continue their journey at ACU.

Support: Warm Exit 
Coming from Brussels, Warm Exit has been unleashing a tidal wave of post-punk since 2020, characterized by untamable rhythmic power and intensity. Their music, infused with influences from krautrock, punk, and noise, offers a raw portrayal of contemporary societal chaos. The debut album ‘Ultra Violence’ represents their versatility and enduring relevance, effortlessly navigating a landscape of discord and eerie atmospheres.

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