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Thu 4 Apr
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Oddbal indie by a local cult musician, poet, and artist

If you’re looking for uncompromising, oddbal indie music, Birdguy is the place to be. The eccentric musician, artist, and poet Aloïs van Bruchem (also known as Birdguy, Jan Slow, and Aloniem) can be spotted at various locations in Utrecht, from Kapitaal to La Cassette and from the conservatory to the club scene. He now officially takes the stage with the release of his debut album, which is coming out on the SoHaSo (Something Happening Somewhere) record label of Utrecht’s DJ hero Nuno Dos Santos and will be made tangible at EKKO during the album presentation.

Support  = Destiny*

Destiny Aghimien emerges as a versatile artist with a unique trajectory. After a successful two-year period as a model in the Japanese fashion industry, his path crossed with influential Dutch artists such as Nelcon and Bokoesam upon his return. Their encouragement inspired Destiny* to explore the musical world. Shortly after this encounter, he released the album ‘4life,’ which quickly garnered attention and became a rising success within the music scene. The confident trap sound of Destiny*, showcased in tracks like ‘Fans’ and ‘Baby Yoda,’ foretells a dynamic live performance.

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