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Thu 16 Nov 23
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Electronic beats with distinctive lyrics full of self-mockery

Elmer is a rapper, producer and the alter-ego of actress and theater producer Merel Pauw. The music consists of electronic, funky beats accompanied by humorous lyrics full of self-mockery. Elmer dares to be honest and raps about subjects such as panic attacks and self-hatred. In the show ELMERS, the artist shows both a banging and vulnerable side and electronic beats are interspersed with provocative raw lyrics. Accompanied by a colorful set inspired by comic books, a distinctive hip-hop world is created that provides a counterpoint to artists who pretend to be “themselves” on stage and through social media.

Support: de Kraters
What started as a simple pastime during the COVID-19 pandemic has since spiraled quite out of control. One Man Synthband “de Kraters” is dedicated to the golden age of analog electro. Using a set of 80’s synthesizers and drum machines, they blend basic Italo with explosive synthpunk. Voices are transformed into growling robots. The Kraters don’t like pre-programmed “Electro Karaoke” and, therefore, perform everything live. They believe in a punk approach: pounding keys, tweaking knobs, letting loose, and embracing the rough edges.

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