Friday Pilots Club

+ PleasureInc.

Sat 25 May
For fans of
Nothing But Thieves, cleopatrick, Palaye Royale
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Five-piece alternative rock band returns to the essence of danceable guitar music

Irresistible grooves, ripping riffs, and massive choruses; the five-piece American band Friday Pilots Club brings these elements together in their danceable alt-rock. Last year, they took the stage across the US, delivering a powerful performance at Lollapalooza and embarking on a club tour through various states. Friday Pilots Club embodies the essence of danceable guitar music with their irresistibly catchy songs, seamlessly blending the diverse flavors and talents of the band members into harmonized hits. With several singles and EPs under their belt, May 2024 marks the release of their electrifying debut album ‘Nowhere’, as they set out on a tour across Europe.

Support: PleasureInc.
PleasureInc., formed by brothers Jesse and Louis Baker from Norwich, is a genre-fluid musical project that embraces hip-hop, britpop, psych, and cinema. Operating under the aliases Kenny Pleasures and Jonny Silver, they bring forth a playful perspective inspired by artists like Damon Albarn, Beastie Boys, Tyler, The Creator, and Tame Impala. With sold-out shows and a growing online following, they have proven with their ‘For The Fun Of It’ singles collection that they can effortlessly blend diverse genres into tight cuts of alternative pop. Their debut EP ‘Plastic People’, produced by Iggy B and released on April 17, 2024, promises a dynamic mix of their signature sound with a touch of post-punk.

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