Hamish Hawk

+ Indigo Pastel

Sun 22 Oct 23
For fans of
Morrissey, Scott Walker, The Killers
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Scottish singer wraps literary works of art in warm pop-rock songs

With four albums under his belt, singer Hamish Hawk has been making his mark for more than a decade. In 2021, following the release of his album “Heavy Elevator,” the Scotsman earns comparisons to such luminaries as Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker. On this album, with his vivid lyrics and melodies, he creates authentic musical portraits full of emotion. His latest album ‘Angel Numbers’ contains a series of numeric patterns full of symbolic meaning. Here his warm and rich voice is reflected in compelling intuitive pop-rock songs. This year Hawk started his European tour and will make his only Dutch stop with us in Utrecht in the fall.

Support: Indigo Pastel
Indigo Pastel represents dream pop with a twist. Thanks to their immersive, intense live performances – often in stark contrast to their recordings – Indigo Pastel embraces everything and everyone, equally intrigued by the hedonism of the 1980s New Romantics as by intimacy in Wong Kar-Wai’s films.