Jonathan Bree

+ Julia Sole

Sun 16 Apr 23
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Orchestral indie pop from masked singer and producer

The masked New Zealand singer and producer Jonathan Bree makes orchestral indie pop with a mysterious sound. Bree combines his baritone voice with layered musical arrangements of strings and harp, but always knows how to give this a contemporary and completely personal twist. In the spring of 2023, the quirky singer will release a new album on his own label Lil Chief, including a collaboration with disco fun legend Nile Rodgers. In April, this self-proclaimed ‘Master of Misery’ brings his mysterious live performance with masked entourage to EKKO, as the only Dutch show of the tour.

Support: Julia Sole
Julia Sole is an alter ego that comes to life on stage with her mask in the center of attention, used as a defence mechanism. With lyrics about getting lost in your head, fears, loss and the occasional sharp view of society. This is accompanied by live-made visuals, intense guitars, a whole spectrum of synths and changing mechanical rhythms. Dive into the metaphorical world of Julia Sole.

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