+ There You Go

Thu 16 May
For fans of
Bombay Bicycle Club, Circa Waves, Sea Girls, Cassia, Ten Tonnes, Somebody's Child
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North London band brings a sunny blend of indie and folk with infectious pop influences

The North London indie band KAWALA seamlessly combines catchy melodies, intricate guitar work, and heartfelt lyrics in their music, creating a sunny sound palette. KAWALA made a breakthrough in 2017 with their debut EP ‘D.I.L.Y.D’, filled with tender indie folk full of harmonies and inventive instrumentation. Inspired by acts like Half Moon Run, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver, they crafted a fresh mix of indie, folk, and rhythms with a touch of Afrobeat. Over the years, KAWALA has increasingly embraced pop influences, evident in their new single ‘American Adrenaline’ with its infectious melodies and danceable indie pop sound.

Support: There You Go
They met in high school and shared the same dream: making music. Meanwhile, their debut album, in collaboration with producer Jurriaan JJ Sielcken, takes shape as a collection of alternative pop songs that celebrate the power of friendship and spontaneity. Soon you can enjoy There You Go with their fresh sound and catchy melodies as the opening act for Kawala.

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