Le Guess Who? 2023

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Sat 11 Nov 23
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Le Guess Who?

A celebration of sound

Titled “A Celebration of Sound,” Le Guess Who? is considered one of the most progressive festivals in the world. Le Guess Who? is all about groundbreaking sounds that you won’t hear much, if at all, in other places, but that offer new perspectives on what is possible within music.

Le Guess Who? returns to Utrecht from November 9-12, 2023 for its sixteenth festival edition. For four days, Le Guess Who? will take over the city with shows by more than 150 artists performing in pop halls, theaters, churches, wharf cellars and clubs.

On Saturday, November 11, the lineup includes a new a/v performance by Egyptian producer & DJ ZULI in collaboration with audiovisual artist Omar El Sadek; Kamilya Jubran, whose multidisciplinary work makes her one of the most respected artists on the Arab alternative music scene; the sound worlds of Kenyan composer and sound artist Nyokabi Kariũki; British electronic artist James Holden; emerging avant-garde sound artist Damsel Elysium, who has previously collaborated with FKA Twigs, Celeste and the London Contemporary Orchestra, among others; The Good Ones, a Rwandan band formed as a post-genocide healing process in which the original members reunited the Rwandan Tutsi, Hutu and Abatwa tribes; and explosive New York rap duo Armand Hammer consisting of ELUCID and billy woods.


20:15-21:05 Baskot Lel Baltageyya
22:00-22:45 Khyam Allami
23:30-00:30 3Phaz
01:00-01:45 El Kontessa
01:45-02:45 Toumba
02:45-04:00 Zohar

View the full timetable at leguesswho.com/timetable

*Daily Special at De Klub (18:00-20:30)
During Le Guess Who? restaurant De Klub offers a daily special from Thursday to Saturday between 18:00 and 20:30. On the menu, you can find meatballs or eggplant (vegan) with romesco (pepper-almond sauce), caponata (Italian braised vegetables), and roasted potatoes for €17.50.
You can make a reservation via the website, but it’s not necessary.