Mandy, Indiana

Fri 23 Feb 24
For fans of
Gilla Band, Scalping, Model/Actriz
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Overwhelming mix of techno and post-punk with French vocals

The name Mandy, Indiana can be a bit misleading: the band doesn’t come from the United States but from Manchester and is led by a French lead singer. Their overwhelming sound sits at the intersection of post-punk and techno, combined with the powerful French vocals of Valentine Caulfield. Just listen to their breakthrough track ‘Alien 3,’ and you’ll immediately understand what we’re talking about. In the spring of 2023, everything came together on their debut album ‘i’ve seen a way,’ which received high praise from Pitchfork, OOR, and Dansende Beren. Live, they manage to double the intensity of their songs, making them a standout act at festivals like Motel Mozaique, Roadburn, and Freaky Dancing. Fans of Scalping, Working Men’s Club, and Gilla Band: you won’t want to miss this show.

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