+ L.A.Sagne

Thu 18 May 23
For fans of
Ray Fuego, Hang Youth, Bob Uit Zuid
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Ray Fuego and band make relentless and hard-hitting punk

Bastiaan, Michiel, Bram and Ray Fuego. A lot of ragging, yelling and complaining. Verbal arsonist Ray Fuego uses body and mind to dismantle every bit of injustice in the most caustic, explicit ways. With band members from iconic bands such as Aux Raus and Malle Pietje & the Bimbos and Ray’s age-old love for rock’n’roll to punk band Ploegendienst. A relentless mix of old-fashioned hardcore punk with hard-hitting Dutch lyrics.

Support: L.A.Sagne
A wall of sound that blows you away and songs that crawl into your brain with explosive energy. Amsterdam’s L.A.Sagne brings catchy choruses and an ‘in your face’ energy. Razor-sharp garage punk by Tara Wilts (vocals), Joost van Eck (bass), Lazlo Rogier (guitar) and Martin Brummelkamp (drums), which is characterized by conciseness and unprecedented tempos.

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