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Floor Rehbach

There is more to discover in our building than just music. Wander through EKKO during your visit and you will find. In our café, for example, where we have striking national and international talent hanging on our walls several times a year.

Floor Rehbach is an illustrator from Utrecht and works for various clients on packaging, artwork for music and prints and patterns for clothing. They also work on their own projects, such as this series of paper collages. Because her work mainly focuses on subjects related to nature, food and collections, an abstract way of making images has been sought in these works. Due to the lack of a recognizable subject, the focus is on color, composition and texture. As an extension of this collage technique, Floor makes the images for the bimonthly club night Weerd, which died here in EKKO.

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@floorrehbach • www.floorrehbach.nl

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