Code of conduct

EKKO aims to create the safest possible space for crew, artists, and visitors. We achieve this together, which is why we ask everyone coming to EKKO to cooperate and adhere to our code of conduct, and to alert each other when necessary.

If you do not comply, we reserve the right to remove you. These conduct guidelines stem from our house rules, to which you automatically agree when purchasing a ticket or being a guest. Also, we ask you to respect our door policy.

Our code of conduct

  • Feel free to be who you are here and express yourself as you wish, as long as this expression also respects and values others.
  • Consent is key. Mutual consent is not only pleasant but also a requirement.
  • There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, or ableism in EKKO.
  • Crossing boundaries in the form of (sexual) harassment and violence is not accepted in any way.
  • Know your limits: alcohol and drug abuse are not allowed. Smoking or vaping is also prohibited indoors.
  • Be kind to EKKO: treat our premises and belongings with respect.
  • Be kind to our neighborhood: we are located in a unique place in Utrecht. Therefore, please be considerate upon arrival and departure.

Contact one of our staff members

If you feel unsafe or believe that someone else is uncomfortable, let us know. Even if you are not 100% sure, you can approach us at any time during the evening: at the bar, ticket counter, or security, or speak to someone wearing an earpiece.

If you are unable to report it on the same evening, send us an email at report@ekko.nl, and we will contact you. This email goes directly to the management and is handled confidentially and discreetly.