DJ Course 1

How nice that you’re interested in our DJ Course 1! Below, you’ll find some more information.


What? The EKKO DJ Course 1 is a course for beginner DJs, primarily from the Utrecht region. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old when the course begins and be eager to learn how to mix with CDJs/mixer: a music system that DJs use with CDs or USB drives. It doesn’t matter which genres you enjoy listening to; all genres are welcome. We’re especially interested in knowing why you want to learn to DJ.

The DJ Course 1 consists of 10 lessons, each lasting approximately 2 hours, with the opportunity to practice independently at EKKO in between. Additionally, we expect you to participate in the in-depth context program, both at EKKO and elsewhere.

The initial lessons will focus on using DJ equipment, while the second half of the course will delve into various mixing techniques, track selection, and discovering and refining your own musical style. As a participant, you will also engage in the in-depth context program, involving visits to various locations, discussions with inspiring figures, and actively expanding your network.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to select songs independently, have mastered the basics of mixing, perform a 1-2 hour DJ set, and have expanded your network. EKKO anticipates that some participants may enter the Utrecht scene after completing the beginner’s course, whether as DJs or perhaps as event organizers. Even after the course, you can always reach out to us for guidance on potential next steps.

Do you have some more experience with DJing? Soon, we’ll also launch DJ course 2, which is aimed at DJs with a bit more experience! Keep an eye on our Instagram for more information.


A total of 18 participants, divided into groups of six, will be mentored by three mentors in total. The lessons will be conducted by well-known DJs from Utrecht. This choice is deliberate, as it embeds the program firmly within the city, making it easier for you as a participant to expand your network within the Utrecht region.

DJ Course 1 will be led by the three mentors listed below.

Rashida Tauwnaar

Rashida Tauwnaar, known as DJ Shug la Sheedah. Rashida has over fourteen years of DJing experience, is a coach at Kunstbende, conducts DJ workshops, and is a night producer at TivoliVredenburg. Rashida is one of the mentors due to her extensive experience both in front of and behind the scenes. During her youth in the Utrecht neighborhood of Overvecht, she sought a place to learn to DJ, which is one of the reasons why she considers it important to pass on her knowledge to a younger generation. Rashida is a passionate role model and aims to provide more opportunities for young people to advance.

Eva Maasen - Ajuma

Eva Maasen, known as Ajuma, started as a volunteer at EKKO. After working for several years as a project manager and producer in the events sector at Triomf, Friendly Fire, and TivoliVredenburg, she currently works as a programmer at Vechtclub. As Ajuma, she has been DJing for about five years, both in the Netherlands and abroad, gaining recognition for her unique mixes spanning various genres: Latin, Afro, Acid & Progressive House, Balearic, Bollywood, Afrobeat, (leftfield) disco, zouk, and more. Her experience both on and behind the scenes has given her a broad international network, which she is eager to expand with new talents.

Menno de Meester

Menno de Meester, known by his own name, is a Utrecht-based DJ and producer. In 2013, he won the RAUW DJ contest at Tivoli. He quickly received his first festival booking at Solar Festival, and he has since performed at Mysteryland, Down The Rabbit Hole, Valtifest, Lowlands, and Into The Great Wide Open. Menno de Meester is active in various genres and excels at blending disco, house, electro, hip-hop, and pop like no other. Since 2014, he has been regularly DJing at EKKO’s club night Diep In De Groef and now hosts his own club night on Thursday nights at EKKO, BUS 12. Menno is always on the lookout for new releases and hopes to be inspired by the new generation of talent.


EKKO recognizes that there is a lack of diverse talent in the DJing scene, limited opportunities for growth and networking, and challenges in sustainable career development for DJs. For a novice DJ without a large informal network, it can be difficult to find a place within their scene. This program serves as a careful introduction to the world of music creation, the scene, and the industry’s context. In a very short time, you will learn to DJ, build a network, gain insight into industry structures, and recognize entry and advancement opportunities.

You will not only learn what it means to invest sustainably in your network, career, and knowledge but also which questions you should continue asking yourself when your career takes off suddenly. EKKO provides concrete tools for exploring your network, ambition, and development possibilities.


DJ Course 1 runs from early March 2024, to early June 2024 and takes place at EKKO on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 18:00 – 20:00. We expect that you’ll be able to attend all the lessons when you start the course.

How much does it cost?

If you are selected for the DJ program, we request a one-time contribution of €50. Is this amount a barrier for you? Please let us know, and we will explore possibilities together.

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