Alternative Algorithms

Thu 20 Apr 23
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Presented by
Creative Coding Utrecht

Discover the combination of modern electronic sounds and traditional musical instruments with live coding

Discover the combination of modern electronic sounds and traditional music instruments at this electronic pop concert Alternative Algorithms in EKKO. This lineup full of international musicians will show you how electronics and code can be used to create compelling and emotional performances. Get carried away by melancholic vocals, listen to the interplay of code and piano, and lose yourself in powerful sounds like you’ve never heard before.

Creative Coding Utrecht is an organization that encourages digital creativity through coding. From April 19 to 23, they are organizing the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) in Utrecht, with programs at various locations, including EKKO, that highlight the different sides of creative coding.


Kosmas Giannoutakis
Kosmas studied piano and percussion performance, composition, and computer music in Greece, Germany and Austria. He lays a focus on the experimental, post-capitalist political economies of music.

Aaron Juariez
Aaron is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher who plays with digital structures. Nowadays he has expanded into physical art through screen printing and performance through live coding visuals.

Bjarni Gunnarsson
Bjarni is an Icelandic composer and computer scientist involved in computer music and algorithmic composition.

Grimberg aka Axel Ganz
Axel conducts introductory workshops to live coding, robotics, 3d-design and 2d-printing.

Messica Arson
Messica is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates unique and electrifying computational noise music.

Diego Villaseñor
Diego is a composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, philosopher and programmer around themes of ecosystems and sound synthesis.

Iván López Pineda
Iván is a composer and electronic instrumentalist. His work includes acoustic and electroacoustic music.

Alejandro Franco Briones
Alejandro is a composer, live coder and sound artist from Mexico City.


Tickets in the presale are € 8,50. Tickets at the door are € 12,50

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