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+ With SpaceKees, Mokerjong & Jong Louis

Thu 8 Feb
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Experience the hip-hop pioneers and fresh young talents of the Utrecht scene


Endlessly long corridors with the freshest and retro Utrecht Alternative Boom Bap acts. Experience the celebration of Utrecht Hip Hop pioneers and young talents picking up the torch and carrying it across the stage of EKKO.

Formula C & Crow: Amersfoort and Utrecht unite on stage. Formula C and Crow bring back the old principles of rap music in a new way: technical bars, boom bap to trap rhythms, and rough, intense energy. With ‘Dark Mathematics,’ they drop test tubes and books on every street corner. An Amersfoorter and a Utrechter, born and raised, and the connection remains strong.


You may know Reazun as “that French rapper” from Kyteman’s Orchestra or simply as ‘Benzouah’ with his curly hair if you met him on the Utrecht Oudegracht. He toured all Dutch venues and festivals throughout Europe with the orchestra, after which he released solo Dutch-language projects with collaborators such as Navbeats, John Konatty & Clarxkent.


DJ DNA, a.k.a. DJ Donotask, is known not only from Urban Dance Squad, The Kyteman Sessions, and collaborations with Defunkt, Kurtis Blow, Jean-Marie Aerts (JMX), and Jack Parow but also as a member of more illustrious ensembles such as Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, bFAKE, the Beuk orchestra, and Palinckx.

Mokerjong, Missa & De Biltse Ginger:

With razor-sharp bars on their unique boom-bap beats produced by slodder & Mokerjong, these guys know how to make the audience jump. De Biltse Ginger, Missa, and Mokerjong combine their forces to create a boom-bap sound reminiscent of MF Doom, Opgezwolle & Brockhampton with an old-school touch.

Spacekees & Jong Louis:

SpaceKees deviates from everything you think you know. While his popular track ‘Ik Wil Een Meisje’ is full of self-mockery, SpaceKees comes uncompromisingly on the first club banger of the Netherlands: ‘Wat Wil Je Doen’ by the Partysquad. In addition to his sharp, ironic, and outspoken lyrics, SpaceKees has an exceptional way of presenting himself.


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