Dystopische Kringverjaardag

Fri 12 Jan
Incl. service fee
Presented by
artist collective Eye

Artist collective hosts dystopian circle birthday party you can not miss

Eye, Eye, Eye and we are so happy, everyone is celebrating their birthday and we’re celebrating too! In 2024, everyone has a birthday, so we’re throwing a party that you can’t miss. Do you remember the good old circle birthday party? Slices of cheese and sausage, flags, hooray? The artist collective Eye is hosting a progressive musical playground in the setting of a dystopian circle birthday.

We invite you to join us in the experiment of sound, music, and silence. In this circle birthday consisting of three completely different segments, we’ll mix and match sounds from self-built instruments and existing instruments. In the first segment, we pay tribute to birthday songs, accompanied by two violins, a drum, and a flute. In the second segment, we further explore the possibilities of improvisation through jazz and brass, and in the third segment, we break the boundaries of what we have known as music in ways that no one can yet imagine. Join our group of music pioneers.

In the hall, there’s a crazy shift tonight; you can go to the concert, but you can also be the concert! You don’t need any knowledge or experience; everyone can make sound. But if you prefer to lean back with a beer in your hand, that’s fine too. You can always join Uncle Joopon the couch for a good conversation or a heated discussion. During this evening, a conductor will lead the composition in the right or wrong directions. Every failure is our success, and no experiment is too wild for us. Will you come too? Bring your instrument (we’re not saying yet what we’re going to do!).

PS Don’t have an instrument? No reason to stay home! We’ll also provide instruments and other sound sources that everyone can play.

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