Wed 24 Apr
For fans of
Klezmagic, EB & VLOED, Mirte van den Bos, Flora Sophi, Odette van Heesbeen, Tiemen Hageman, Loes ten Den, Rosalie Blom, Eros Risiglione (The Plantslator)
incl. service fee

Evening-filling program filled with spoken word, music, and expo with a positive light on climate issues

What kind of music do plants make? What does the Earth sound like? What can we learn from fungi? And how can EKKO itself become more sustainable? In the week of Earth Day (April 22), we present ECO EKKO. A collective of four young artists pairs musicians and writers on this evening to shed light on climate issues in a positive way. Let yourself be carried away by musical poetry, stunning soundscapes, intimate lectures, and an exhibition in our café, and dance away your climate concerns with the explosive finale, Klezmagic.

Klezmagic is a group of young musicians who have been coloring the streets of Amsterdam for ten years with their Balkan and Klezmer music. Expect soaring clarinets, lively melodies, swinging stories, all set to an always danceable beat. A well-known party for Klezmagic fans where worries and shoe soles disappear.

EB & VLOED is a Dutch folk band that combines poetry and music. Immerse yourself in an intimate musical world where the abundant and lean times of existence are sung. For fans of Spinvis, Eefje de Visser, and Sufjan Stevens.

Mirte van den Bos
Mirte van den Bos (she/her) is a performer and visual artist. Through various media, she takes you into a world where dreams are reality, where everyday life is filled with magic, and where nature blooms in every molecule. Her poetry debut EP “Alles Trilt” is now available for listening on Spotify.

Flora Sophi
Electronic textures and fragile soundscapes: avant-pop artist Flora Sophi creates touching stories that invite the listener in. With her clear voice accompanied by sinister synths and driving beats, a constant tension arises between light and dark. After living in Berlin for several years, Flora Sophi is now back in her hometown of Amsterdam. Inspired by these two creative cities, her music brings together influences from pop, jazz, and electronica.

Odette van Heesbeen
Odette van Heesbeen (1998) writes to rebel against the anthropocentric framework, delving into the lack of language for feelings surrounding ecology and her relationship to the more-than-human. Additionally, she experiments with biological material and the growth of slime molds. She is part of the writers’ collective Wildgewelf.

Tiemen Hageman
Tiemen Hageman is a writer and podcaster. His work revolves around climate change, activism, loneliness, and identity. In 2023, he graduated from Creative Writing at ArtEZ Arnhem with the novella “Give the day a name.” During ECO EKKO, he reports on his experiences with Extinction Rebellion.

Loes ten Den and Rosalie Blom
Loes ten Den is an interdisciplinary artist and musician. She is engaged in retelling the story of humans and nature. Rosalie Blom is a writer, filmmaker, and cultural scientist (BA). Together, they create visual, musical, and poetic work and founded ‘BLAD festival,’ a platform & breeding ground for artists offering insight into a nature- and culture-rich future.

Eros Risiglione
Eros Risiglione creates immersive experiences where nature and technology merge, with a focus on sensory engagement and ecological awareness. Inspired by his grandfather’s ingenuity, he utilizes local materials and sustainable design, blurring synthetic-organic boundaries.

Open Call Climate Poetry
In the café, eco-artists Uma Kos, Teun Buwalda, Milou Lang, and Jeroen van Wijk will perform their poetry!

This evening has emerged from an open call by ‘EKKO Te Koop,’ where we make space for new initiatives in our venue.