W/ Nelcon, Zeldzame, Zeevlinder a.o.

Thu 11 May 23
For fans of
Gotu Jim, Abel, Faberyayo
Incl. service fee
Presented by
Burning Fik

Label by Pepijn Lanen and Abel curates an evening full of flammable hip-hop

The Burning Fik label of Pepijn Lanen and Abel will set EKKO on fire, so to speak. EKKO will receive the four potential pyromaniacs Nelcon, Zeldzame, Zeevlinder and Jan Koster.

Rapper Nelcon is no stranger to Utrecht. He recently released his album ‘H.I.G.W.I.M.’ via label Burning Fik, full of fresh bangers. His sound can be described as intense but warm, unique and experimental. An unorthodox flow and contagious energy, and live he is even better.

Zeldzame likes to make energetic music and uses humor but also frustrations in his daily life. A mishmash of different aspects of his personality compressed into an unprecedented style. He started music at a young age and is confident that he can realize his vision together with his label Burning Fik.

Zeevlinder lives with the mentality to be seduced by life and to share it publicly. Primarily a solo producer/songwriter, she continues to connect with audiences.

Jan Koster came into contact with DJing in his attic room in Amsterdam. His sound is hip-hop/trap with a high-energy mix of edits that are genre-bending. Furthermore, as part of STOO, Jan Koster is involved in programming events and scouting new DJ talent from Amsterdam.

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