Freaky Dancing x Tweetakt

Dorpsstraat 3, PNEM & more

Sat 24 Jun 23
Free entrance

New wave, krautrock and electronica fuse with visual art

After a sold-out third edition last April, Freaky Dancing is joining forces with the free theater and music festival Tweetakt. At the Neude, Freaky Dancing curates an energetic, out of the box evening program in which new wave, krautrock and electronica merge with visual art.

Dorpsstraat 3
Balancing between post-punk and synthwave, Dorpsstraat 3’s music draws inspiration from different types of music that come from very different places both geographically and temporally, from Kraftwerk and Grauzone to Anatolian rock musician Erkin Koray. Sometimes it seems like these influences have always belonged together, and sometimes you get confused by them. In this way, Dorpsstraat 3 tells stories you haven’t heard before.

The four-piece band PNEM brings motor-driven, fuzz-soaked grooves to the stage. Their dreamy, electronic jams make you either want to dance or float away to another reality. With a careful pulse, PNEM takes you on a sonic journey past roaring highways and the howl of industrial machinery.

Lennart de Neef
In his work, Utrecht-based visual artist Lennart de Neef likes to refer to everyday objects from public space. He distorts their recognizable appearance and thereby creates his own universe in which the objects almost feel like characters in De Neef’s fictional reality. His work was previously shown at the second edition of Freaky Dancing at WAS., as well as at De School, Kunsthal Kloof and Central Station.

Berg & Beuk
Berg & Beuk are unruly, paradoxical and a little bit different. This two-piece spin drum computer punk and traditionals in modern guises. With other words: they find the sweet spot between peculiar melodies, squeaky surprises and genre collisions.

Katja Hagenbeuk finds in her wide arsenal of mp3s and many gb’s of musical knowledge exactly the oddball tunes between leftfield pop, new wave, electronica, grooves and clubby anthems to take her audience with her. That can sound as guitar-centric as the Casbah at Best Kept Secret, or as eclectic as the ArmadiLLow at Lowlands. That it’s going to be quirky, melodic, decades-spanning and quirky is a certainty. Sometimes you will hear her together with Berg as the duo Berg & Beuk, but now she is venturing solo on a musical climb as Kathag during this Freaky Dancing special.