w/ Tina Turnup + Megan Jane + Jazz Dalia

Sat 27 Jul
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New club night takes back the centre stage with raw and expressive sounds like Ghettotech, Footwork, Miami Bass, Electro, Jersey, Jungle and more

To unleash the energy, Ghettolicious creates unity by celebrating raw underground sounds with a modern feminine touch. Ghettolicious is more than a club night event. It’s a movement that honors the cultures and genres that made it possible to enjoy the modern electronic landscape as it is today. Catchy, dirty samples on beat skipping kick drums and raw 808s will make you relive the 90’s underground scene. Megan Jane, Tina Turnup and Jazz Dalia will take you back to the heart of ghettotech blurring all the lines between the rap and electronic music scene. 

Tina TurnUp

Tina TurnUp started her DJ carriere as Jill-Ann. As the years passed, Jill-Ann’s sound evolved, embracing the heart-thumping beats of Ghettotech, Hardgroove, Techno, and Hardtechno. This transformation brought forth a new identity and a new energy. And therefore her alias Tina TurnUp was born. Tina’s sets are known for their relentless intensity. Her ability to command the crowd, make bodies move, and ignite dance floors is nothing short of extraordinary. Making sure to make your kitty kat sweat. Keep an eye out for her upcoming performances and get ready to join the party because with Tina TurnUp, it’s always time to “Turn the F Up!”

Megan Jane

The talented and multidisciplined artist Megan Jane from Utrecht is a jack of all trades. To her eye for photography, she is also well known in the world of Electro as a professional dancer. Her great passion for music makes her stand out in her feel for contagious basses within Ghettotech, Drum ‘n Bass, Techno and more. One thing that’s for sure: Megan Jane and Ghettolicious was like love at first sight.  

Jazz Dalia

One of the founders of Ghettolicious ‘Jazz Dalia’ has been setting roofs on fire lately. This upcoming talent from Utrecht is currently enjoying herself within the sounds of Ghettotech, (UK) Garage, Baile Funk, Jungle and Electro House. But don’t be surprised if you hear a Grime song in the middle of her set. Growing up with Soul, Rap, and R&B while playing Chopin during her piano classes, she finds herself blending it all together with contagious bass and percussions that often take her back to her Surinamese heritage. You may have already been able to check her out at various events like Paaspop or Kabul á Gogo, but for her, Ghettolicious always feels like home.

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