Iftar: Palestinian Cuisine

Donatie, Overig
Sat 6 Apr

Iftar for Palestine in collaboration with De Voorkamer

With the current unthinkable circumstances in Gaza, we can not sit and do nothing. The least we can do is to dedicate all our efforts to gather money for our beloved ones in Gaza. Join our Iftar for Palestine, this time at EKKO, with a marketplace to buy goods made by Utrecht locals to support Gaza even further and a spoken word performance. Enrolling can be done via this link. Everyone is welcome!

All your donations will be sent to support the Palestinian citizens of Gaza. For this evening we will split the money raised to a direct connection inside Gaza and to the UNRWA.

Palestine Kitchen is run by Wisam (Syria) and Atef (Gaza, Palestine): Atef was born in 1951 in Gaza, later he moved to Syria and married with Wisam. In 2012 they fled the oppression of the Syrian regime, back to Gaza. They reunited with Atef’s family and made a lot of new friends through their active public activities and they opened a small shop to sell Syrian/Palestinian handmade foods. In 2014, Israel demolished their shop and home in Gaza and their journey towards Utrecht began. Today, Atef and Wisam are doing a lot of volunteering cooking for churches and elderly people. And through this event they would like to aid their family and friends in Gaza with direct funds, next to funding the legitimate organisations active in Palestine.

19:00 – doors open
20:00 – spoken word, food, and a small market in the café
21:50 – end

This event is a collaboration between De Voorkamer, EKKO, Kadigia Farah and of course, Atef, Wisam, and their son, Sameh.