noah elliot

Graduation concert

Wed 19 Jun
incl. service fee

An emerging talent from Utrecht explores themes with raw honesty through intimate melodies and spoken word.

noah elliott, an emerging indie artist at 23 from Utrecht, Netherlands. Their music blends intimate melodies, minimalist arrangements, and introspective spoken word, crafting raw and honest pieces inviting listeners into their world. At the core of Noah’s music lies a commitment to honesty and vulnerability. Their work delves into themes of mental health and queer identity, exploring these topics with raw authenticity.

Noah hopes to create a safe and inclusive space for their audience. Drawing from personal experiences, they strive to offer comfort and recognition to listeners, akin to the artists who inspired them. Noah found solace and recognition in others’ work, articulating feelings they couldn’t express themselves. Noah aspires to do the same for others someday.

Noah released their first EP ‘I’m Still Breathing’ in 2022. Hauntingly honest in its minimalism, it was recorded and produced in their childhood bedroom. “It’s quite intimate,” Noah writes about it a year later, awaiting a new EP. “I would do it completely differently now. But that’s also the beauty of a recording: it’s a moment frozen in time. I’m Still Breathing was the story I needed to tell at that moment of my life, and I needed to tell it in that way. It’s an unpolished gem, and I love that.”

Books filled Noah’s life from a young age, fostering a passion for literature. “My parents’ house feels like a library, there are books in every corner, on every chair, and on every table. I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.” At age 13, Noah fell in love with poetry after reading Emily Dickinson, who remains one of their inspirations to this day.

In Noah’s creative process, inspiration blossoms from silence – quiet moments gazing out their bedroom window or wandering through empty streets. Themes emerge organically, driven by emotions or deep reflections on identity, mental health, and the human experience. Known as ‘The Professor’ among friends, Noah enjoys reading, studying, and analyzing poetry and music. Their studies often fuel their creative process. “Currently, I am fascinated by fragmentation, and how it helps us articulate what cannot be expressed with words. Particularly, the fragmented nature of poetry, memory, and trauma interests me.”

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