Fri 9 Jun 23
For fans of
Jungle by Night, Bixiga 70, Nubiyan Twist
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nine-member music collective fuses different genres into a narrative and danceable whole

PARRA.DICE is a nine-piece music collective consisting of an extensive rhythm section, horns and violin. The surprising band composition fuses different genres into a narrative and danceable whole. In a live setting they make the audience move, on record they are sublime.

In a summery view, between meadows where storks settled, they started their musical adventure two years ago. After a festival summer with shows at Wildeburg, Into the Woods and Amsterdam Dance Event, the band members entered the studio for their debut EP. With Au Revoir Ooievaar, PARRA.DICE blows their sound into the wide world and say goodbye to labels, closed genre frameworks and other unusable cages. The result is a bird’s-eye view of musical influences, percussive rhythms and warm sounds, which takes you into wonder and energetic atmospheres with a touch of humor. Au revoir, ooievaar!

This is a release show. EKKO believes it is important to offer local and emerging artists a stage; that is why we keep space in our program for these concerts. 

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