Meltheads + Marathon + SULTAN.

Sat 22 Apr 23
For fans of
SONS, Ramkot, Whispering Sons
Incl. servicekosten
Presented by
Plato & EKKO

De officiële afterparty van Record Store Day, de dag waarop de liefde voor muziek samen gevierd wordt

On Saturday the 22nd of April it will be Record Store Day again, the day when the love for music in general and vinyl in particular is celebrated in countless independent record stores. Plato & EKKO are organizing the afterparty again this year, with a full evening and beautiful program.

Meltheads consists of four young dogs from Antwerp who go to the bone with tons of talent and just as much urge and swagger. Propelled by a metronomically tight rhythm section and fired up by their witty and virtuoso guitar, Melthead’s rot-infectious garage spews, clever post-punk and fascinating cold and other wave. Their live reputation buzzes like a running hour through the Low Countries, and anyone who has already seen them at work knows: these hungry wolves storm a stage as if they are going to play the last show of their lives.

Marathon is an Amsterdam trio that started as a psychedelic shoegaze band and then tasted the exuberance of post-punk. Ultimately, this journey transformed Marathon’s sound into an explosive mix of shoegaze, post-punk and indie. Marathon often need to, just like participants on a long run, take time to recover from their blisters. Blisters that have arisen not just from the act of making music, but also from the fact that society has dealt the youth a tough hand. Now Marathon fight back with music that combines an explosive mix of shoegaze and postpunk.

SULTAN. is the three-headed rock ‘n roll colossus from the middle of the country; brutal apocalyptic rock with idiosyncratic songs about life in the digital age. This energetic band isn’t afraid to pop an unexpected set that shows them all corners of the room. Songs reminiscent of a combination between the Beatles and the Queens of the Stone Age are interspersed with uptempo dance numbers.

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