Popronde 2023

+ Afterparty

Thu 19 Oct 23
End time

The largest free traveling music festival in the Netherlands

Once again we welcome Popronde Utrecht to EKKO this year! Popronde is a traveling music festival that takes place every autumn in about thirty cities throughout the country. During the Popronde, talented acts tour the Netherlands to build their name, expand their network and tap into a new audience. On this night in EKKO you will find a diverse selection of musicians coming from all over the Netherlands.

ALOYSE is a 3-piece folk band, influenced by indie and grunge from the 90’s and artists such as Soccermommy, Sorry and PJ Harvey. After playing at several Dutch venues, they are currently working towards the release of their first single ‘invisible’ in the fall of 2023.

Ioana Iorgu is a poetic post-punk duo from Groningen, Netherlands. The duo presses their nails into your skin with the unsettling yet captivating atmosphere they create with dissonant post-punk guitars that will make your diaphragm chatter, and gore-dry haunting drums that contrast directly with the softly spoken chilly lyrics. Just to make sure you’re okay.

Melding the agression of punk with the technical intricacies of jazz, OATS are making their mark with an emotional and hard-hitting live act. Luscious chords and theatrical vocals go alongside earth-shaking bass and blistering drums. Their refreshing blend of emo, math rock and experimental hip-hop ensures a passionate performance not to be missed.

The singer/producer duo Never Been To Berlin makes compelling English-language dance music and draws inspiration from a variety of genres from psytrance to hip-hop. They recently gave several live shows at Grunnsonic, EM2 as support for De Likt and closed De Hollander at Grasnapolsky, among others. At the end of spring they promise to release a new EP including a music video.

SUBFICTION is a veiled artist and guide of absorbing audiovisual worlds. Worlds that consist of organic elements, contaminated by technology, exploring musical landscapes beyond genres. SUBFICTION provides your naughty nightly escapades with some of the most sub-soakin’ breakbeats and flashy, futuristic visuals. Enter the venture of SUBFICTION.

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