Grandmas House + Thames + Consensual Peggy

Sat 1 Jun
For fans of
Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Lambrini Girls, Hole, The Slits, Savages, Sleater-Kinney
incl. service fee

Punkers make EKKO shake to its foundations during PRIDE

PRIDE, but make it PUNK. Inspired by riot grrrls (x/v/m) from past and present, and punks of all kinds, sizes, sexes, and genders. An evening to scream it out together and give the patriarchy a good punch in the proverbial gut. Break through, dive into the mosh pit!

Grandmas House
Armed to the teeth with guitars, drums, and a voice like sandpaper, Grandmas House is one of the leading bands in British queercore. Like compatriots Lambrini Girls and Dream Wife, the trio from Bristol draws inspiration from contemporary post-punk a la IDLES, as well as from 70s and 80s punk bands like The Slits and The Raincoats. True to the spirit of a good punk band, the members of Grandmas House started a band to scream about injustice in all shapes and sizes, only learning to play their instruments afterward. They’ve gotten quite good at it since, as evidenced by fiery performances at Left of the Dial, Grauzone, and Reading Festival.

Music venues, festivals, but above all, the patriarchy: THAMES demolishes everything in its path. As his accent betrays, British blood flows through the veins of frontman Merlyn Baartman, but it wasn’t until he moved to Amsterdam that he managed to distance himself from the emotional tundra that is Great Britain and fully embrace himself. Sure, Deadletter and Fontaines D.C. are great, but on the upcoming EP Life Lessons For The Patriarchy, THAMES takes the fight to the status quo even more furiously. Toxic masculinity? Burn it down! Discrimination? Burn it down! The dance floor of EKKO? Burn it down!

Consensual Peggy
Of course, Utrecht’s finest riot grrrls must not be missing at PRIDE = PUNK tomorrow. Consensual Peggy is a whirlwind that prefers to be fueled by disbelief and anger. One moment the band is your best friend, then your mommy, and a moment later your archenemy. You never know how you’ll encounter Consensual Peggy beforehand, but it’s certain that the band, in whatever capacity, fights against patriarchal systems with just the right amount of hysteria. Consensual Peggy isn’t likely to win the Nobel Prize for Virtuosity, but has that ever mattered for a good punk band? Exactly.

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