Roodnoot & Sarah Holwerda & Levi Boon

Sun 28 Apr
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A musical homage to camaraderie and shared moments


Roodnoot is the brainchild of Bob Barlag, born during the warm summer of 2018 as a tribute to the homonymous art farm just outside Utrecht. He stayed there that summer, and the openness and freedom of the location inspired him to write a collection of songs. The ‘Roodnoot EP’ was released at the end of 2019. In the years that followed, he carefully worked on new songs that resulted in a new EP released at the end of 2023, titled ‘When All is Said and Done.’ The songs on the new EP are fresh, layered, and focus on a sound and feeling that Roodnoot as a band also conveys: a sense of togetherness. Roodnoot’s goal is to bring people together and make everyone feel that they belong in the moment.

Sarah Holwerda

Sarah creates a warm and vulnerable sound with her dynamic alternative folk. Her melodic songs seemingly build up to a layered intensity in a new sound, inspired by artists like Patrick Watson, Joni Mitchell, and Radiohead. Her debut EP ‘Overkill’ was released in November 2023.

”On her debut EP, various styles come together that have inspired her. It starts with the opening track, Dunes. ‘The songs refer to the time between two phases. The friction between an old and new reality, and the people you meet and let go along the way,’ says Sarah about the EP Overkill.”

Levi Boon

Levi is a member of the ancient singer-songwriters guild. In the spirit of Nick Drake and Feist, she sings personal songs with intimate melodies and empathic lyrics. Her warm voice and flair for melody make her a convincing performer both live and in the studio. In 2023, her debut EP ‘the grand scheme of things’ was released. An elaborate demo project in which she collaborated with producer Viktor van Woudenberg (Wooden Saints) and guitarist Tom Broshuis (Mister and Mississippi). Acoustic guitar and the vulnerability of a twenty-something run like a common thread through the music. Her band carefully frames and strengthens the intimacy into a dynamic whole. New work is being written, and recordings are scheduled for the coming year.

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