Stukanacht 2024

Thu 15 Feb
For fans of
through Stukafest


Just like last year, StukaNacht Utrecht will take place in EKKO. After the evening program we will provide a club night full of electronic music. This year LoMalo, Razzmic, LYLO & avant-garda b2b 33.cl will play at the well-known afterparty of Stukafest.

030.radio presenteert: avant-garda b2b 33.cl
030.radio is a community radio station and collective founded by ruairí (avant-garda) and sam (33.cl). This Utrecht-based project aims to unite the international community of Utrecht around a shared love of music, through radio, club nights and other events. For Stukafest Utrecht, 030.radio’s avant-garda and 33.cl will be opening proceedings with 1.5 hours of bass-centric, dubby and unconventional selections leaning into Latin- and UK-focused dance music.

Combine a jazz education with a natural appetite for grooves, sprinkle a love for house music on top and there it is: the special musical mix called LoMalo. Quickly making a name for himself thanks to his live approach to the classically ‘locked-in’ grooves associated with house music, his videos now receive massive online attention, and are getting picked up by the social media channels of household names such as Defected. LoMalo’s live-performances are unique and eclectic; surrounding himself by a variety of instruments he uses to play all of his music live, he offers a welcome alternative in line-ups mostly dominated by DJs. With a bunch of fresh releases at the ready and an enormous catalogue of potential house classics still to be bootlegged LoMalo is feeling stoked to show the world his take on this thing we call electronic dance music. 

Razzmic loves to deliver sucker punches of sets full of highly dynamic tracks where catchy melodics are counterbalanced by heavy bass. They identify deeply with the idea of every style being related in some way: like a funky drummer break paired with a dub siren, the grooves and breaks go hand-in-hand throughout musical rollercoaste rides full of bruk, breakbeat, rhythms, high energy belters, sassy house, leftfield electronics, boogie edits and footwork.

Hi, my name is Lysa Ngouateu (she/her) my artist name is LYLO. I’m 23 year old creative, AI nerd, dancer and DJ. I am born and raised in Utrecht, but since half a decade happily based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My passion for music has led me to become a sound explorer and I am mostly known for my House, UK Funky, Techno, Acid, Juke and Baile Funk sounds. I consider my club alter ego to have been raised by the Berlin club community, so you will probably hear some very underground influences in my sets. I feel there is power in representation and I stand for inclusivity and safe spaces in clubs and parties.

For more information: www.stukafestutrecht.com

Direct link to tickets for Stukanacht: https://ticketl.ink/tfJcY

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