Doomstad: GGGOLDDD

+ Otay:onii + Ontaard

Sun 10 Mar
For fans of
Amenra, Big|Brave, A.A.
Incl. servicekosten
Presented by
EKKO, Tivolivredenburg & NEVER MIND THE HYPE

Rotterdammers take you to spine-chilling and blood-beautiful darkness

Both chilling and blood-beautiful: GGGOLDDD encapsulates post-traumatic stress in musical narratives that will make your hair stand on end. With a combination of black metal, industrial, heavy rock, and pop influences, this unconventional Rotterdam-based band takes listeners into a dark world, but one with a hopeful glow on the horizon. While the band’s earlier albums were just as heavy but more guitar-driven, on their most recent album, ‘This Shame Should Not Be Mine,’ they explore a more electronic sound. However, even more impressive is the story that singer Milena Eva tells with it; it’s a deeply emotional piece about the biggest trauma of her life. The band actually wrote the album as a special composition for a performance during the 2021 corona edition of Roadburn, and it became the most viewed and discussed show of the festival. Three years after this pivotal moment in their career, the heavy rock band makes a long-awaited visit to EKKO during a new edition of Doomstad.

Support: Otay:onii
Lane Shi, the frontwoman of Elizabeth Colour Wheel, is a true sound artist and performs under the name otay:onii. With her music, she melds electronics, ambient, sound collages, or even raw noise to create a unique expression. Her wide range and control over her own voice combine to form a breathtaking performance.

Support: Ontaard
The Utrecht-based post-metal band Ontaard combines heavy guitar sounds with gritty vocals. Ontaard’s music consists of both honest and desperate lyrics in which the band manages to maintain their love for melody. In their music, they delve into profound and emotional themes, such as feeling alienated in a capitalist society, but also as a result of abuse.

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