Iron Jinn presents: Live at Roadburn

Fri 5 Apr
For fans of
Death Alley, Birth of Joy, Motorpsycho
incl. service fee
Presented by
EKKO & TivoliVredenburg

Heavy Supergroup Presents New Live Album During Exclusive Dutch Club Show

Combine members of The Devil’s Blood, Death Alley, Shaking Godspeed, PAUW, and Birth of Joy, and you get the heavy supergroup Iron Jinn. They sound dark, ominous, and psychedelic: their blend of grooves and dark harmonies is a rare combination in today’s heavier guitar music. The self-titled debut album, released in April 2023, is a chaotic masterpiece with a feeling akin to the logic of a dream: completely unpredictable and insane. A work on the edge of reality, fantasy, and dream, but triggered by events from real life. The album release took place at Roadburn Festival 2023 in a packed venue, followed by performances at Desertfest London, Sonic Whip festival, and a series of their own club shows. This year, Iron Jinn is coming to EKKO for an exclusive Dutch club show to present a new live album recorded during Roadburn, where the band threw all rules out the window and let themselves be guided by improvisation.

Support: Iskandr 
The Nijmegen-based Iskandr stands out with a unique perspective on the black metal genre, blending traditional elements such as choir vocals, trumpet, and piano with icy riffs and grim vocals. It can also be described as psychedelic doom-folk. With the latest album ‘Vergezicht,’ the solo project of multi-instrumentalist O. once again proves that Iskandr excels in creating a distinctive and immersive sound filled with dark passages and a certain martial spirit.

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