+ Bas Beenackers

Thu 14 Dec 23
For fans of
Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Fleet Foxes
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introspective, melancholy indie folk with great range

After playing in several rock bands, Gaëtan Vandewoude came up with the idea for Isbells. With this project, he took a more introspective and intimate approach; it resulted in countless fragile folk songs in the Nick Drake and Bon Iver weight class. Relationships, daydreams and human shortcomings became the common thread in his music, supported by fragile head vocals, acoustic guitar and delicate percussion. Back home, his first bittersweet albums camped out on the airwaves for weeks, and the success of singles like “Reunite” and “Elation” transcended national borders. With Vandewoude having amassed millions of streams worldwide, the brand new album ‘Basegemiti’ will be released on September 22nd 2023.

Support: Bas Beenackers
Bas Beenackers’ songs always manage to enchant with serenity and songs about love, comfort and longing. With his acoustic EP “Man,” the songwriter took his first big step as a solo artist and aims to conquer the hearts of lovers of indie, Americana and folk from all over the world.

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