The Bony King of Nowhere

+ Hendrik Lasure

Wed 6 Mar
For fans of
Het Zesde Metaal, Balthazar, Gabriel Rios
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Belgian folk hero shows full potential with long-awaited new album

Some artists keep reinventing themselves. The Bony King of Nowhere is one of those musicians; the Belgian artist has been impressing audiences with his albums for nearly 15 years and now returns with new music and a whole new energy. In 2018, the singer-songwriter and creator of ever-so-beautiful folk music scored high with his album “Silent Days,” which showed his full potential as both singer and songwriter. Now there is a new album on the way, which, although a while overdue after its most recent release, shows yet another new side of the Bony King. The new title track “Are You Still Alive” is a great precursor to the album, on which he shows a whole new energetic and musical intensity, exploiting all the potential of his voice.

Support: Hendrik Lasure
In the past, Hendrik Lasure released albums as a member of ensembles such as schntzl, Bombataz, An Pierlé Quartet, and Thunderblender. As a result, he is primarily known as a keyboardist in the Belgian jazz scene. After releasing about ten fully instrumental albums, he is now venturing into language for the first time, singing in his own colloquial language: unpolished and not embellished. The music is as intimate as possible, deliberately avoiding any form of virtuosity, giving his songs a reminiscent feel of folk music from the 1970s.


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